Pet Cryotherapy

Discover pet cryotherapy at New River Animal Hospital, Nimitz, WV. Anesthesia-free, swift, and holistic, ensuring your pet’s well-being with progressive veterinary care.

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Understanding Pet Cryotherapy

At New River Animal Hospital in Nimitz, WV, we employ pet cryotherapy, utilizing Nitrous Oxide to freeze skin tags and lesions. This non-invasive procedure, especially advantageous for senior pets, significantly diminishes the risks linked with anesthesia. In stark contrast to traditional methods, cryotherapy enables pets to remain fully awake, fostering a serene and stress-free experience. This innovative approach prioritizes the effectiveness of treatment and ensures the well-being and comfort of our cherished companions throughout the process.

The Procedure Unveiled

Before proceeding with cryotherapy, our skilled veterinarians conduct a thorough examination to identify the lesions requiring removal. This initial step addresses pet owners’ concerns or queries, fostering open communication for a transparent process. Once the assessment is complete, a return appointment is scheduled for the cryotherapy session. This streamlined approach prioritizes your pet’s health while respecting your time, minimizing unnecessary visits, and optimizing the entire experience.

Benefits of Pet Cryotherapy

  1. Anesthesia-Free Advantage: Cryotherapy eliminates the need for sedation, which is particularly beneficial for senior pets deemed at increased risk under anesthesia, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience.
  2. Quick and Effective Treatment: Cryotherapy stands out for its efficiency. The process is swift, addressing skin tags and lesions with minimal disruption to your pet’s routine.
  3. Minimized Downtime: Unlike traditional surgical methods, pet cryotherapy reduces downtime, allowing your pet to resume regular activities sooner.
  4. Holistic Approach: Opting for cryotherapy embraces a holistic approach to pet care, aligning with our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our beloved companions.

When is Pet Cryotherapy Necessary?

Determining the need for pet cryotherapy involves recognizing skin tags and lesions. If you observe any unusual growths or developments on your pet’s skin, seek professional guidance immediately. Common indicators include color, size, or texture changes in the following skin abnormalities.

Our veterinarians recommend scheduling a consultation if you notice:

  1. Unexplained Skin Changes: Any alterations in your pet’s skin, such as the appearance of new lumps, bumps, or discoloration, warrant attention.
  2. Persistent Lesions: If skin lesions persist or show signs of growth, a consultation becomes imperative to assess the situation.
  3. Concerns About Anesthesia: For senior pets or those with anesthesia-related concerns, cryotherapy emerges as a preferred alternative, offering a safe and effective solution.