Pet Microchipping

Experience peace of mind with pet microchipping at New River Animal Hospital in Nimitz, WV. We prioritize pet safety, offering a reliable solution for identification needs.

vet scanning dog's microchip
microchip implant for cat by vet

Understanding the Microchipping Process

At New River Animal Hospital, our pet microchipping procedure is not only straightforward but also remarkably effective. Our skilled veterinarians delicately implant a tiny microchip, resembling the size of a grain of rice, painlessly behind your pet’s neck. This minute device houses an exclusive identification number, providing a fail-safe method for quick and hassle-free scanning by veterinarians and shelters equipped with specialized microchip scanners, ensuring a swift and accurate identification process.

Why Choose Pet Microchipping?

  • Reliable Pet Identification: Unlike traditional collars and tags that can be lost or removed, a microchip provides a permanent form of identification.
  • Quick and Painless Procedure: The microchipping process is quick, minimally invasive, and causes no more discomfort than a routine vaccination.
  • Universal Scanning: All veterinarians and animal shelters are equipped with microchip scanners, ensuring that your pet can be identified and returned to you regardless of where they are found.

The Benefits of Choosing Pet Microchipping

  1. Reuniting Lost Pets: Increase the likelihood of reuniting with your lost pet significantly. The unique identification number stored in the microchip facilitates a quick and accurate reunion process.
  2. Permanent Identification: Unlike collars and tags that may wear out, a microchip provides a lifetime of reliable identification. It remains securely in place, offering a constant link between your pet and their crucial information.
  3. Peace of Mind: Gain unparalleled peace of mind knowing that your pet has a secure and permanent form of identification. Whether at home or traveling, the microchip is a constant safeguard.

When Is Pet Microchipping Necessary?

Pet microchipping is a proactive measure suitable for pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Consider microchipping your pet:

  • During Veterinary Visits: Incorporate microchipping during routine veterinary visits for a stress-free experience for your pet.
  • Before Traveling: Ensure your pet is microchipped before traveling, providing a quick and reliable way to identify them if separated.
  • Adopting a New Pet: Give your newly adopted pet the security of a microchip, enhancing their chances of a swift return if they ever go missing.